My oldest sporting a shorter, new hair-do….

and then there is her little brother….



4 Responses to “POTD”

  1. Denise in NC Says:

    what a very lovely young lady!!!

  2. Tracy Lambert Says:

    Thank you, Denise! Do you have children?

  3. Denise in NC Says:

    Yes, 3 daughters, 1 son- in – law (and another one soon???), and 2 grandchildren!! Truly Blessed!!!! Our littlest granddaughter was born in October…she is just a little butterball/bundle of love right now!!!

  4. Tracy Lambert Says:

    Ahhh….that sounds like a sweet family, Denise! So why do you say “another one soon???”. Is this another son-in-law or another grand-baby?

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