Incredibly Blessed

There are just no other words.

We’re at home. Everyone is settling into our normal routine.

We have a sweet, squishy, little boy hanging around.

He has a line of folks always waiting to hold him and kiss him.

Have I mentioned how wonderful he smells?? ….and his fuzzy little head just calls for me to sit and rub it for hours on end.

Needless to say, we’re in love.

I’m thankful for many things.

Tonight, I find myself amazed by answered prayers (this has, by far, been the very best pregnancy/birth/recovery experience I’ve ever had).

I’m thankful for my family who has worked so hard to make this an easy transition at home with our new little one.

I’m thankful for friends who have called, and written, and a couple of delivered meals that have been such a blessing.

Please continue to pray for us in the coming days.

I’ll try and post pictures in the next couple of days….

Thank you!

With my love,


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One Response to “Incredibly Blessed”

  1. Sheryl K Colle Says:

    So happy this was the best experience so far! God is good!

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