This Week on Pinterest- Wreath and Fall "L"

I’m staying on top of these Pinterest projects.

I fear having the ideas build up and sit there useless, so we’re trying to pick a few projects to try each week, (if time allows, more).

This last week, we made the fall wreath for our door. I used the idea I found here.

Our wreath was made from styrofoam (speaking of which, have you seen the idea of cutting the wreath form in half to get two?? Great idea!), and those Dollar Tree pumpkins I’ve mentioned before. We did wash them down with diluted brown paint.

I also used the Dollar Tree moss. I priced sheet moss, but I might just as well have bought a completed wreath for what they wanted for sheet moss at the hobby store– and that was just for one package! It would have taken several to complete the entire wreath.

I sprayed the entire wreath down with spray adhesive to adhere the moss to the wreath form.

Honestly, I love the way this looks, but the moss has been a headache. The moss is just not sticking well to the form.

Oh well. I’m guessing I can always stick it around the houseplants here when we’re done (if it lasts that long!).

I also used Dollar Tree leaves to cover a cardboard “L” for the mirror in our living room. The idea was found here.

This was a quick project, and I think it turned out cute. I do wish I had left some of the leaf tips un-glued. I just like the look her letter better than this one, but it was just a first try.

By the way, I used hot glue instead of spray adhesive (I avoid it as much as possible!).

Have you tried any Pinterest projects in your home this week?


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2 Responses to “This Week on Pinterest- Wreath and Fall "L"”

  1. Mary Ann Says:

    The wreath is really pretty! And I like your letter too!

    I’d pinned an article about cleaning bathrooms in 15 minutes so finally got around to doing that today–not as fun as making a wreath but definitely needed! 🙂 I’ll be posting about that “experiment” next week.

  2. Barbara Says:

    Tracy, do you have a Pinterest board we can follow? 🙂

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